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Composites made easy

Software solutions for composite applications

µChain is a collection of modules, that speed up your design process with fiber reinforced composites. Especially for winded parts we provideoutstanding tools to find the best composite design for your part with minimal development time

The different software packages can be arranged to suit your certain needs.

  • µChainBase: basic composite design and advanced calculations based on the classical laminate theory extended by convenience functions (µDesigner & µPlate)
  • µChain: best solution for filament winded tube design and optimization (µDesigner, µPlate, µTube)
  • µChainWind: Worlds leading design software for filament winded pressure vessel development (µDesigner, µPlate, µTube, µWind)
µChainFree µDesignerComposite Designs / Materials µPlateCLT - frp plates µChainBase µTube - frp-tubes µChain µWind - frp vessels µChainWind Computer